Old PFC Friends Vinyl Bundle

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About this product

This bundle includeMusic is My Ammunition | Afro FiestaChanges | Clarence Bekker Band for a special price!

If you, too, have come to love the PFC Band musicians, this is the perfect bundle for you! This package includes solo albums of 2 of our very own PFC musicians we have met along our journey. Each of these was recorded and produced by PFC, and we feel very proud of these talented musicians and their dedication!

  • Tracklisting: Music is My Ammunition | Afro Fiesta Vinyl

Side A:

  1. Music is My Ammunition
  2. Mokumba
  3. Jah Guide
  4. Back To Your Roots
  5. Mentality

Side B:

  1. Congo
  2. Patrice Lumumba
  3. Prisoner
  4. Ona
  5. Congo To The Mississippi


  • Tracklisting: Changes | Clarence Bekker Band


1. Changes (C. Bekker, Toth Moses)

2. Beautiful tomorrow (C. Bekker)

3. These Ladies (C. Bekker)

4. in My Mind (C. Bekker)

5. Mr. Morality (C. Bekker)

6. Old Too Young (C. Bekker, Micheal Leahy)

7. Fly (C. Bekker)

8. Time (C. Bekker)

9. Mr. Policeman (C. Bekker, Toth Moses)

10. Wonder Of It All (Maurie Stang)

Bonus tracks 2020:

11. Send Me An Angel (C. Bekker, P.Bauwens, P de Wilde)

12. Shine On Me (C. Bekker)